Welcome to Fênix Latin America website! We offer vehicles and equipment aimed at prevention and fire fighting, search and rescue, to equip Fire Brigades and Fire Brigades, with the best equipment made by the most reputable companies in the world. We have a full line of Vehicles for Fire Fighting and Rescue fire fighting boats and extrication tools, personal protective equipment, radio communication equipment, and other safety equipment.

A Word from the President

Over the past 40 years, our team remains true to its essence and values. What has recently changed is the celebration of a new partnership with Rosenbauer International AG, the largest and most respected firefighting vehicle and equipment manufacturer in the world. Recognized internationally for its technical quality, leadership in innovation and large-scale production, we are confident in achieving great success with this partnership.

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Our job is to equip fire departments and lead them to Operational Excellence.

Operational excellence is the ideal state of a Corporation, in regards to the quality of equipment, training, technical assistance and replacement parts, throughout the Brazilian territory.

The main attraction of vehicles and eq uipment supplied by Fênix Latino America is based on three pillars: product quality, service and replacement parts guaranteed in Brazil.

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