For the Fênix and Rosenbauer, each new development or creation of new product is made with the practical needs of our customers. The usability of products for firefighters is always our main focus. This is one of the reasons fire departments all over Brazil trust us.
Regardless of the narrow streets, next to parked cars or in dense urban parks – Aerial Ladders vehicles are deployed in various ways in relation to their amount of cargo and functionality. To give firefighters access to previously inaccessible scenes, Rosenbauer engineers prioritized flexible setup options and compact lighting. The Aerial Ladder is one of the main products manufactured by Rosenbauer and impresses with its safety, comfort, quality, functionality, intuitive operation, design and being connected to the most modern equipment in the segment.

Our competence as a technology leader and our pioneering motivation ensure the highest possible safety and quality. Therefore, all Aerial Ladders manufactured by Rosenbauer include Metz technology (specialist in the area of air rescue).


The new Rosenbauer Aerial Ladder, called XS 3.0, makes the turntable configuration range much more flexible and the range has been increased by 1.5 meters over XS 2.0. With a person’s load, it can reach a horizontal range of up to 23.2 meters. The compact XS 3.0 radius of action provides firefighters access to previously inaccessible scenes, even under the most restricted conditions.

Our rescue basket is the front line of firefighters. Over the years, always evolving our products, we were able to execute a completely new functional concept for the rescue basket. The HR-500 MF rescue trolley has enough space for up to five people and now (for the first time) and can even accommodate a wheelchair with the Aerial Ladder. The accommodation of wheelchairs in baskets of rescue of aerial stairs is a new resource. The special accessory in the basket floor facilitates the seat, the anchor and the support of the wheelchair. Once on the ground, the person can safely be pushed out of the rescue basket without leaving the wheelchair.

To know more about the Aerial Ladders, watch the video below:

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