1 de April de 2019

Aerial Platforms

Rosenbauer Aerial Platforms offer the highest level of safety and reliability. Many years of leading experience in the segment have resulted in innovative products capable of meeting any challenge whether…
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31 de March de 2019

Aerial Ladders

For the Fênix and Rosenbauer, each new development or creation of new product is made with the practical needs of our customers. The usability of products for firefighters is always…
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28 de March de 2019

The Rosenbauer firefighter helmets HEROS-titan

The HEROS firefighting helmet system is already in use hundreds of thousands of times the world over. It provides the best protection for emergency personnel and HEROS helmets have maximum…
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8 de January de 2018

Justifying Aerial Platforms and Ladders in Brazil

The recent economic status of many Brazilian states has created various challenges for fire departments and fire chiefs. One example is balancing the cost of apparatus with the benefits provided…
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