Our job is to equip fire departments and corporate fire brigades and lead them to operational excellence.

Safety is a very serious thing. Protecting lives and property is a task that requires high technical expertise, experience, safety and above all, professionalism.

Seriousness that is reflected in the way our team, for more than 40 years, chooses with rigor and criteria the best and most reliable equipment in the world, selects partners accredited to the highest quality standards and operates with after-sales service that meets the requirements of manufacturers and customers.

It is with this spirit of respect for life and for the safety of citizens and their properties that Fênix Latin America is available to both public and private firefighting and rescue organizations in Brazil and throughout South America.

Our equipment is aimed toward prevention and fire fighting, search and rescue, to outfit fire departments and Fire Brigades, manufactured by the most reputable companies in the world. We offer a full line of Vehicles Fire Fighting and Rescue, fire fighting planes, hovercrafts, boats, extrication tools, as well as auxiliary tools and accessories, personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective clothing, gloves and helmets, radio communication equipment, among other safety equipment.

Fênix Latin America, as part of its work philosophy, offers extensive technical assistance and training throughout Brazil. That’s why, more and more, Fênix Latin America is a regular daily presence in major fire departments all over Brazil.

High quality and technology require a commitment to maintenance and technical assistance so that the vehicle or product is always available to rescue and fight fires. Fênix Latin America has a team of trained engineers at its own factories to ensure operational continuity of any product provided by the company.

This commitment goes beyond simple business relationships, it is part of Fênix Latin America and its representatives own culture. Our main commitment is to assist in saving lives. That’s why fire departments and Fire Brigades gaining operational excellence is what drives us.

Advanced technology, innovation, quality, safety, maintenance, experience, tradition, saving lives and protecting property. This is our job.

Our job is to equip fire departments and lead them to Operational Excellence.

Operational excellence is the ideal state of a Corporation, in regards to the quality of equipment, training, technical assistance and replacement parts, throughout the Brazilian territory.

The main attraction of vehicles and eq uipment supplied by Fênix Latin America is based on three pillars: product quality, service and replacement parts guaranteed in Brazil.

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