Over the past 40 years, our team remains true to its essence and values. What has recently changed is the celebration of a new partnership with Rosenbauer International AG, the largest and most respected firefighting vehicle and equipment manufacturer in the world. Recognized internationally for its technical quality, leadership in innovation and large-scale production, we are confident in achieving great success with this partnership.

We have been supplying firefighting and rescue vehicles and equipment for years to the Fire Departments of the Brazilian States and Fire Brigades of large companies, such as Petrobras. For this reason, Fênix Latino America is the first Brazilian company in its segment to offer a modern after-sales system called security guaranteed program. This program applies fast and safe solutions, providing the necessary support so that every equipment is always in operation and without any problems.

At any time our customer can count with our full support. Original spare parts are provided, ensuring maximum performance, safety and durability of vehicles and equipment.

The Brazilian market is going through a moment of economic recover/growth and therefore it is a single opportunity to continue offering the most modern vehicles and equipment for our customers. Fire Brigades of Brazil, SENASP, Civil Defense, Corporate Fire Brigades, Refineries, Pole-Petrochemical, Counties, Federal Police and any other Corporation demanding for high quality products can count on us.

Our mission goes beyond the supply of products. We want to be part of Brazilian growth, giving our contribution to save the lives. In addition, we must ensure that our products meet with the requirements established by public authorities and private companies, collaborating with fast and efficient services.

Our goal is to be a reference in firefighting and rescue segments.

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