Sales and technical assistance based on experience, not theory!

Technical Assistance

We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week to meet any need for technical assistance. When a product is designed to save lives, it can not sit still.


Get to know the warranty policies that Phoenix Latin America offers its clients, as well as the manufacturers terms by contacting us and making a quote.

Replacement Parts

We stock Genuine Parts to meet the demand of all the projects we execute, and also have a direct channel with manufacturers, making it easier to import new parts.


Fênix Latin America, in partnership with the companies it represents, provides training and constant support for the perfect use of machines and products.

Far beyond the after sale

Fênix Latin America has engineers and technicians specialized in mechanics, hydraulics, electric, electronics, trained in Europe and the United States, with extensive experience in vehicles and aerial platforms, aerial platforms with ladder attached, auto pumps, among others.

During the warranty period Fênix Latin America goes beyond its role and is committed to provide appropriate technical assistance, keeping equipment and vehicles purchased operational. Fênix Latin America’s responsability is wit h human lives and property that will be preserved with the use of the products supplied, ensuring the foreign manufacturer’s good reputation.

Fênix Latin America’s engineers and technicians are involved, together with the foreign manufacturer’s technicians, in the technical delivery of vehicles to clients, also performing the proper training of those who will operate the equipment.

Fênix Latin America has a relationship with truck manufacturers in Brazil and with the dealerships sales and service, maintaining the units, their chassis and aerial devices in perfect operating condition through preventive and/or corrective maintenance contracts. Genuine replacement parts are guaranteed by contract.

When hiring Fênix Latin America to provide products for your company or corporation, there is a guarantee that the equipment will always be running when it is needed most.


Fênix Latin America offers extended warranty of 24 months free of charge to clients as a differential in the sale of vehicles. After this period, offers the possibility to continue the warranty through a special vehicle maintenance contract, scheduling maintenance with intelligent solutions. The result is better performance, durability and safe operation of vehicles.


To train and empower Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle operators is fundamental and a main part of Latin America Fênix’s corporate culture. With each project we offer excellency qualification with operator training abroad, directly in the factories, and monitoring the return to Brazil. Care for the continued training of professionals who operate vehicles that we provide is our great advantage and a source of pride for the company, plus a indispensable requisite to fire departments for the safe operation of cars.

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