D. Pedro II Military Firefighter Academy’s motto exemplifies Fênix’s beliefs about firefighters in Brazil. It is the place where you learn how to command heroes. Firefighters are professionals whose job is to offer their lives to save people they have never seen before. The danger is constant in the day to day of a firefighter, whether fighting directly against fire or in any other situation where they put their own lives on the edge to rescue helpless people. Becoming a firefighter has been seen by many children as a goal to be achieved when they become an adult. It represents courage, as well as determination. They are heroes without a cape. For years, their hard work is put into test within minutes of receiving an emergency call. The sense of responsibility in this profession is immeasurable – a single mistake can lead to disaster. Being a firefighter goes way beyond just extinguishing fire. The firemen throughout Brazil are prepared to carry out rescue of people or animals and to enforce fire codes to business owners. In addition, they develop numerous social and educational projects to explain the importance of displaying ethical behaviors to citizens. Therefore, Fênix Latino América congratulates every firemen in Brazil for their exemplary service to our communities. As partners in this journey, Fênix Latino America and Rosenbauer International are proud to bring high-tech fire fighting vehicles and equipment’s to serve all Brazilian Fire Brigades with excellence.

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