The HEROS firefighting helmet system is already in use hundreds of thousands of times the world over. It provides the best protection for emergency personnel and HEROS helmets have maximum durability – no expiration date. With the HEROS-titan, Rosenbauer sets a new standard for maximum safety in firefighting operations and technical rescue. Different models are available certified as per specific international standards such as EN 443, NFPA 1971 and AS/NZS 4067.

The Rosenbauer firefighter helmets HEROS-titan are inspected and tested according to the strictest EN 443:2008 guidelines:
– Heat radiation test: Eight minutes radiant heat at approx. 300 °C helmet temperature.
– Flame ingulfment: After 10 seconds of full flame impingement at 1,000 °C, the protection function is fully intact. The fire helmet does not exhibit any structural damage and the internal equipment is undamaged.

HEROS-titan helmet differentials compared to competitors:
– Single firefighting helmet;
– Weight: 1.3 kg (Approximately 360 grams lighter than the current ones on the market);
– LED coupling with 3 levels of power, explosion-proof;
– Anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses;
– One size with external adjustment (49 to 67 cm);
– Low and adjustable center of gravity;
– Unique cursor with adjustment for brand masks, brand mark and EPR logo;
– HEROS-titan firefighting helmet have an excellent durability (no expiration date)

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Know more about our HEROS-titan helmet at the video below:

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